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A,B, or C? Coffee, tea or milk? David, Mike or Will? Too many choices. So much to think about on a daily basis. Even in decisions concerning kitchen remodeling, there are a lot to consider. One of the basic & more important aspects of a kitchen remodeling would be which counter top to go for? Let’s see which ones are considered to be the more popular kinds. Hopefully you can determine which best suit you & your lifestyle.

Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens. Practically maintenance-free, engineered quartz counter tops are stain, acid, scratch, heat & impact resistant. They have a non-porous surface so they don’t actually need to be sealed like natural stone tops. There’s a wide range of color & patterns to choose from.
cambria-quartz-countertops Quartz-Countertops-3

Polished granite countertops are the most popular countertop installed in kitchens today. Traditional granite countertops offer a high-end look that adds to your kitchen’s value while providing a durable prep surface. Polished granite often becomes the center of attention. If you wanted to highlight another feature in your kitchen or bathroom, polished may not be the way to go. If you already have reflective surfaces in your space, you may want to mix and match finishes so the high-gloss doesn’t become overwhelming. In most regions, the cost of granite & quartz are comparable but natural granite requires a bit more care than manufactured quartz to maintain its good looks. You need to wipe up all stains quickly esp. oils, wine, acids & soda as well as follow a regular sealing routine, ideally once or twice a year.
polished-granite-countertop-refinish-650x400 black-galaxy-granite-countertop-high-polished-p191572-1b

By far, the most budget-friendly option. A plus in choosing laminate countertops is that they are an inexpensive option to natural and other countertop choices. The drawback of the laminate countertop in general is that it is not that long lasting. It is not heat resistant like natural stone. Laminate countertops are easy to clean with soapy water. Abrasive products should not be used for cleaning as they can ruin laminates.
laminate-kitchen-countertops laminate counter

Both decorative and functional, this hardworking surface is ideal for food prep — properly sealed, wood countertops are sanitary even for chopping meat. Unlike other budget-friendly options like Laminate, wood is highly heat-resistant so no need to worry about putting hot pots and pans on the surface.
wood-counters-nj-ny-de-ct-pa 7-inch-black-walnut wood-custom-shape-checkerboard-end-grain-with-copper-prep-sink-by-oldcastle

The reason marble remains in heavy demand for countertop is its elegant good looks. No two slabs are alike so you’ll be assured of having a unique countertop for your home. Marble is heat-resistant. In the kitchen it stands up well to hot pots & pans. In the bathroom, a heating wand styling tool won’t mar it unless left on it hot for a long time. A couple of downsides to marble are that first, it’s porous, more so than granite. So it readily absorbs liquid, oil, wine, juice and other spills and these penetrate deeper into the stone. And it is very hard, if not impossible to get it out. It is advised to do sealing every year or so. Second reason is, marble is not stain or scratch free. Sometimes, it can even develop chips or cracks.
Marble-countertop-0fbcd2 Ollin-Stone-Marble-Countertop

Honed granite is a non-reflective, satiny finish. This matte finish involves the same process as granite (grinding heads with increasingly finer abrasives) but it stops short of the shiny polished look. Honed granite is just as smooth as polished. It doesn’t show scratches as readily as polished does. You might also consider honed granite if your kitchen or bathroom already has metallics or other highly-reflective surfaces. If your space has a lot of natural light, honed accepts and redistributes the light with an incandescent effect.
honed granite Indian-Premium-Black-Honed Granite-Tumbled-Earth-2x2-Autumn-Slate-12x12-464x464

They’re durable & resilient to almost anything. Not only are steel counters aesthetically pleasing but they’re resistant to water, heat, stains and just about anything else! It has a non-porous surface so no amount or type of liquid or substance can penetrate its surface. Bacteria, mold and other common household germs don’t stand a chance with stainless. This makes it the most hygienic countertop for as long as you practice regular cleaning habits. You don’t have to fear oils, beets, acids, wine, grape juice or even working with food coloring any longer. This countertop does not stain.
Stainless-Steel-Kitchen-Countertops-traditional stainless-steel-countertop-B1DRc

Glass countertops are among the less common types of countertop material you’ll find but that doesn’t mean they’re not up to the task. It’s easy to keep clean & its non-porous surface makes it stain-resistant making it one of the most hygienic countertop materials. Glass however does scratch so you’ll need to use cutting boards for cutting operations.
glass counter top glass-countertop

It’s well known by now that concrete has become a material that homeowners and designers are requesting and weaving into their homes, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, etc., in the most amazing ways. With concrete you can create a functional and beautiful workspace in the smallest of kitchens. But if you do have the room, the ability to custom create the heart of your home is amazing. Aside from its eye-pleasing appearance, it is energy-efficient — When the temperature in your home rises, concrete captures the heat and releases it when the temperature cools down.
Concrete-countertop-rough-edge concrete-countertop-68

Soapstone is a natural stone, like granite, that is quarried. It’s composed mostly of mineral talc, which makes it quite soft, but soapstone used for countertops typically has higher percentages of quartz in it, which makes it harder and more suitable as a kitchen surface. Unlike other natural stones, it doesn’t require yearly sealing but regular applications of mineral oil will help to disguise any surface scratches, add sheen and deepen the stone’s color over time.
soapstone-countertops-hickory-kitchen soapstone

It is a type of limestone that is formed under extreme heat and pressure, very porous, and almost looks like marble. In fact, it is sometimes called the onyx marble, and is imported into America from Italy, Mexico, Turkey, and the Middle East. Travertine will be the perfect choice if you want a good visual effect, and still need to keep the budget down. The major drawback of having a travertine countertop is that it is highly reactive and can easily react to acids. Even a slight spillage of some orange or lime juice can stain it. It is not a good idea to install these countertops if you do heavy cooking in your kitchen. Travertine slabs need to be filled and sealed properly during installation. Once your countertop is installed, it will need a resealing every 2 to 3 years. You also have to disinfect it regularly, as there may be growth of bacteria due to the absorption of liquid.
travertine-countertops travertine

Tile countertops are a great choice if you want an inexpensive material that’s easy to maintain. It’s simple to coordinate with or mix and match with different design styles.
tile nutter counter web Tile-Kitchen-Countertops

I think that choosing is fun. In KITCHEN REMODELING, it becomes more fun when you can have exactly what you want to work with in your kitchen because it will speak volumes about you & your personality. So to the aspiring chef, classy diva, football mom, adventurous dad or laid back mom & pop, let your imaginations soar when choosing your Kitchen Countertop.

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You can have several different kinds of tiles in varied applications in the kitchen. That just makes the kitchen remodeling project more interesting. However, there are certain restrictions & considerations to ponder on when choosing the right tile. First order of business — determine where the tile is being installed. An obvious example would be glass tiles. These are often used as back splash & not for flooring due to the also very obvious reason of safety.

1) Location of tile being installed – Before you can even make your imaginations soar on your kitchen remodeling, know which surface first your tile will be applied. Tiles can be placed as a back splash behind your stove & counters or for the entire kitchen wall. It can also be used on the floor but more popularly on the counter tops ofcourse.
2) There are many types of tiles. First off, Google defines tiles as: “a thin rectangular slab of baked clay, concrete or other material, used in overlapping rows to cover roofs or cover something with tiles”. So in the kitchen world, there is: quarry, stone, cork, vinyl, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain & glass. Obviously vinyl, cork & bamboo are most commonly used for floors. Quarry, ceramic & porcelain can be used for counters & floors. While glass is for walls & back splash.
3) Create a budget you’re most comfortable with. Tiles can be considered extremes. Meaning it can either be very inexpensive or it may also be very costly like using custom-designed ones.
4) Considering your household’s lifestyle is 1 of the most important factors. However much resilient your kitchen tiles are, they would still require a great deal of time, effort & resources in maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene & longevity of the surfaces. It should withstand extreme heat or cold on counter top surfaces, the usual wear & tear on walls or floors, the heavy traffic in & out of your kitchen floors both by humans & animals & not to mention the countless spillage that’s going to occur on the surfaces. Make sure to choose the right kind of tile for your anticipated daily activities that’s going to ensure your tiles last a long time.
5) You can go all the way with your back splash since this part would not have to undergo heavy traffic. However, it still needs to pass the daily grind & test of hot oil splatters & hard-to-clean grease. So make sure the kind of tile you choose can equate to the frequency & type of cooking that’s going to happen in your kitchen.

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Home remodels and improvements cost money; there is no doubt about it. Some consumers are tempted to spend the least amount of money in hopes of getting off cheap. Unfortunately, this works out in only a few cases, and taking the lowest bid you receive for your project can also result in the lowest quality of work. However, we here at NEW LOOK understand that it is all about the finished product. Poor, low-quality materials and a rushed job could end in disaster and disappointment for the customer. A little research can go a long way, so before you actually hire a contractor to do the job, review their history and ratings from actual consumers. Once you read online reviews or visit sites like Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau, you will see which contractors in your area have good ratings. Make sure that they are also licensed, bonded & insured. Narrow down your list and get to business.

At NEW LOOK, the Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing Westlake Village allows you to update your kitchen & add value to your home in less money, hassle & time. You can have a new kitchen in less than 2 weeks without having any major demolition work with cabinet refinishing or refacing. Should you decide to go the route of cabinet refinishing, NEW LOOK takes the existing cabinet doors to our shop & applies a new finish of your choice. With the doors removed, it would also be the optimal time to change out all of the existing hardware as well. This will add the polished look to your newly updated kitchen. In cabinet refacing, you have the option of changing the door style by selecting new doors & updating the color at the same time too. This ensures your kitchen also gets the facelift — giving it a totally brand new look.

At the end of the day, the budget is an integral part of the decision making process for consumers to either go for or veer away from any kitchen remodel project. But if the total amount you spend today seems way over your budget, always also ponder on how long the advantages of the remodel will benefit you in the long run. Is the quality of personalized service the Company gives, which essentially takes off a lot of your headache worth it? Is the quality of work at par to your expectations? Is the availability & support always within reach? Will the project get done in time around your time frame? Are even the minute details taken cared of for you? We at NEW LOOK guarantees that your money is well spent & much worth your time spending it with us because we give you only the best of ourselves each & every time.

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Kitchens are more than just where you prepare your meals. Nowadays, the kitchen is a command center, dining area, and the one room in the home where families spend the most time together. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the space, and an overhaul isn’t in the budget, try one of these easy Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing Agoura upgrades. You can brighten the room with a coat of cabinet paint, add handy storage features like a pull-out shelf or a free-standing island, or even build a window seat with stock cabinets—all with our help!
Dramatic Accent
Add drama to your kitchen by contrasting light-color cabinetry with a dark-stained cabinet. The mix of cabinets would complement the tile back splash, giving the kitchen a dramatic, cohesive look.
Appliance Upgrade
Utilize every space in your kitchen by adding shelves above the refrigerator. Open shelving not only adds storage, but is also perfect for a simple display and gives the refrigerator a more custom and expensive appearance.
Upgrade Your Hardware
Swap out basic hardware for something with a little more style. For a small change with big effect, add stylish hardware to your cabinets. Replacing traditional cabinetry knobs with modern tubular handles is an affordable hardware update that offers a trendy touch for your kitchen.
Convertible Corner
Turn hard-to-reach areas into more accessible storage spaces with movable cabinetry. Pullout towel racks and a full-extension lazy Susan help make the most of a corner and provide more storage than standard spaces, but can be easily hidden by a retractable door.
Style in Details
Crown molding and picturesque arrangements make simple cabinetry look polished and elegant. Open shelving allows the board paneling to show through, which carries on the kitchen’s style and adds color to the over-all effect.
Dishes on Display
Install a large plate rack to add a twist to traditional open shelving. This simple storage option is perfect for displaying china sets in a stylish and sophisticated way, while still making practical use of space. Arrange extra pieces of the tableware set, such as glasses or saucers, above the plate rack to complete the look.
Personalized Cabinets
Add extra space for food and drinks by installing refrigeration drawers near the main refrigerator. Chalkboard paint on the cabinet fronts adds a playful feel to the room and allows you to label the drawers or add your own personal accent to the space.
Pop of Color & Openness
Open and glass-front cabinets create an airy look. Open shelving will give your kitchen a lighter look. For a clever spin on the style, paint the interiors of your cabinetry a bold hue & a rich accent color to spice up the kitchen even more. Or use bold-colored appliances to give accent to the whole kitchen. Removing the doors from some of the upper cabinets reveals the space inside, making the kitchen look larger. Existing cabinets get a dramatic makeover with modern orange paint just like the accents used on the video.

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Most of us do not want to spend too much money in Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing but this is easily attainable when we try to preserve what we can & know which ones we should replace. If your cabinet frames, doors & drawer fronts are in very good structural condition, you can add elegance & beauty to your kitchen by refinishing your kitchen cabinets. True, it’s very costly for any remodeling project to replace cabinets but most of the time, that same look you want to achieve is very possible through refinishing.

Refinishing is not the same as Refacing. Refacing a kitchen cabinet means replacing all of the doors, drawers, molding & fillers with new ones whereas Refinishing means sanding down your cabinets, stripping the finish & re-applying a new veneer or finish. This new finish will then either act to restore the cabinets to their original beauty or revamp the cabinets to match a new design scheme you want for your kitchen.

Typically the first step is for you to be presented with a sample of whatever finish you choose. You can either be shown a sample of stained or treated wood what will look quite similar to yours. Or a cabinet or drawer from your own kitchen may be removed, be taken to the workshop for some work on it & then be presented back to you as a finished product. You decide on the right color, stain or finish & coordinate certain changes or adjustments at this point. Once approved, a date to begin work will be scheduled. This is an integral part of the process as this allows you to prep your kitchen.

Generally speaking, the crew will remove everything they need from your kitchen & work on it from the workshop. Some crew members may be left to work at your home working on some other areas such as the frames for example, so that everything is ready onsite when the offsite work comes done.

The refinishing process itself involves stripping where the wood is soaked in a chemical stripping agent, applying a paint remover & scrapping the existing finish. Then broad sanding happens in order to get into the wood which is typically done by machine. Fine sanding by hand may also follow for a more even & smoother hard to reach area. Staining is then applied followed by a few coats of sealer which will then be let to dry. After which, several coats of primer may be applied & then several coats of lacquer finish. The typical time to complete the refinishing project can be anywhere from 5 days to a couple of weeks depending on how many cabinets you have, the wear, the finish you choose, and other deciding factors. After this process is done, the hardware and everything else will be mounted. It is mostly recommended to purchase new hardware versus using your old hardware.

Kitchen remodeling & cabinet refinishing Calabasas is a great way to restore your cabinets to their original beauty or to integrate your existing cabinets into your design scheme without purchasing new custom cabinets.

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For most homes, the kitchen is considered to be the center and the hub of activity. Kitchen Remodeling & or Cabinet Refinishing can be a major undertaking with the expense & the inconvenience of having a pause in one’s busy life as major factors in play. In spite of this, homeowners still find good reasons to go for renovating their kitchens.
Here are some reasons why.
1) Kitchen falling apart with broken or cracked counter tops & tiles, outdated & dilapidated cabinets or missing knobs & other fixtures. It’s become an unsightly sad thing & needs an upgrade. So go for that change. It may even significantly change how you live your life by having a better mood starting your 1st cup of coffee from a well-kept, clean, tidy, modern, fancier & all parts functioning kitchen.
2) Most often than not, a remodeled kitchen with an attractive appeal, captures the attention of potential home buyers. The kitchen area nowadays has turned to become a more functional space used for so many other purposes other than cooking & dining. Kids do their homework or art projects there. Mom may work at her computer from the breakfast bar. Dad may have set-up a TV set in a corner. So if you wish to increase the marketability of your property, remodeling is the solution.
3) Maybe it’s also time to transform your kitchen from the 1950’s to the 21st century. Antiquity is great for some accent furniture & fixtures but not a good idea for the whole kitchen.
4) The lifestyle of the previous homeowner may have a definite influence on the kitchen layout but it just may not be for you. Your family may want to gather informally in the kitchen to enjoy coffee or grab a quick meal without going to the dining room table. Perhaps you need a breakfast nook or a bar. Remodeling can arrange the room to best suit the family’s needs.
5) If you’re someone who considers himself a gourmet cook & enjoys prepping your own unique meals, then remodeling to your dream kitchen with fancier & more functional amenities is a no brainer.

Whatever the reasons are, Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing Los Angeles is a sure shot of allowing you to enjoy your life more, have more quality time with family, increase value of your home & primarily achieve the dream kitchen you’ve long been waiting for.

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