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You can have several different kinds of tiles in varied applications in the kitchen. That just makes the kitchen remodeling project more interesting. However, there are certain restrictions & considerations to ponder on when choosing the right tile. First order of business — determine where the tile is being installed. An obvious example would be glass tiles. These are often used as back splash & not for flooring due to the also very obvious reason of safety.

1) Location of tile being installed – Before you can even make your imaginations soar on your kitchen remodeling, know which surface first your tile will be applied. Tiles can be placed as a back splash behind your stove & counters or for the entire kitchen wall. It can also be used on the floor but more popularly on the counter tops ofcourse.
2) There are many types of tiles. First off, Google defines tiles as: “a thin rectangular slab of baked clay, concrete or other material, used in overlapping rows to cover roofs or cover something with tiles”. So in the kitchen world, there is: quarry, stone, cork, vinyl, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain & glass. Obviously vinyl, cork & bamboo are most commonly used for floors. Quarry, ceramic & porcelain can be used for counters & floors. While glass is for walls & back splash.
3) Create a budget you’re most comfortable with. Tiles can be considered extremes. Meaning it can either be very inexpensive or it may also be very costly like using custom-designed ones.
4) Considering your household’s lifestyle is 1 of the most important factors. However much resilient your kitchen tiles are, they would still require a great deal of time, effort & resources in maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene & longevity of the surfaces. It should withstand extreme heat or cold on counter top surfaces, the usual wear & tear on walls or floors, the heavy traffic in & out of your kitchen floors both by humans & animals & not to mention the countless spillage that’s going to occur on the surfaces. Make sure to choose the right kind of tile for your anticipated daily activities that’s going to ensure your tiles last a long time.
5) You can go all the way with your back splash since this part would not have to undergo heavy traffic. However, it still needs to pass the daily grind & test of hot oil splatters & hard-to-clean grease. So make sure the kind of tile you choose can equate to the frequency & type of cooking that’s going to happen in your kitchen.

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Home remodels and improvements cost money; there is no doubt about it. Some consumers are tempted to spend the least amount of money in hopes of getting off cheap. Unfortunately, this works out in only a few cases, and taking the lowest bid you receive for your project can also result in the lowest quality of work. However, we here at NEW LOOK understand that it is all about the finished product. Poor, low-quality materials and a rushed job could end in disaster and disappointment for the customer. A little research can go a long way, so before you actually hire a contractor to do the job, review their history and ratings from actual consumers. Once you read online reviews or visit sites like Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau, you will see which contractors in your area have good ratings. Make sure that they are also licensed, bonded & insured. Narrow down your list and get to business.

At NEW LOOK, the Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing Westlake Village allows you to update your kitchen & add value to your home in less money, hassle & time. You can have a new kitchen in less than 2 weeks without having any major demolition work with cabinet refinishing or refacing. Should you decide to go the route of cabinet refinishing, NEW LOOK takes the existing cabinet doors to our shop & applies a new finish of your choice. With the doors removed, it would also be the optimal time to change out all of the existing hardware as well. This will add the polished look to your newly updated kitchen. In cabinet refacing, you have the option of changing the door style by selecting new doors & updating the color at the same time too. This ensures your kitchen also gets the facelift — giving it a totally brand new look.

At the end of the day, the budget is an integral part of the decision making process for consumers to either go for or veer away from any kitchen remodel project. But if the total amount you spend today seems way over your budget, always also ponder on how long the advantages of the remodel will benefit you in the long run. Is the quality of personalized service the Company gives, which essentially takes off a lot of your headache worth it? Is the quality of work at par to your expectations? Is the availability & support always within reach? Will the project get done in time around your time frame? Are even the minute details taken cared of for you? We at NEW LOOK guarantees that your money is well spent & much worth your time spending it with us because we give you only the best of ourselves each & every time.

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