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Google defines contemporary as “belonging to or occurring in the present” with synonyms such as modern, up-to-date & fashionable. So how do we translate this into a kitchen?
Here are a few guidelines which can help you bring into existence a contemporary kitchen:
1) Clean, crisp & streamlined look is the embodiment of a contemporary kitchen. Design surfaces to be continuous & seamless.
2) The essence is having an open & uncluttered space.
3) Modern design adheres to bold, unconventional & sometimes even eccentric design statements including bright colors like having tangerine-colored appliances making the space more attractive & interesting.
4) Give your kitchen a fun & amusing personality by adding one-of-a-kind accents such as modern light fixtures or a colorful nook.
5) Finally, have a simplistic yet sophisticated approach in transforming your kitchen to a fun-filled hub for cooking & gathering.
See on this video our version of a simple transformation into a contemporary kitchen…

A lot of people have been wondering what is the difference between REFACING & REFINISHING & how to choose between these processes. This video will provide an informative choice for you.

But whether you choose to do refacing or refinishing, we have the best solutions tailored just for you.  An advantage to doing either is that you save time & money.



We have the perfect solution for you !
It is no secret that home buyers are attracted and willing to pay more, for homes with updated kitchens and baths. These same rooms rank highest in remodeling ROI at resale, however they are also the most costly to update…
Well, New Look Home Remodeling have the perfect solution.
We can reglaze old tubs and make them look like new, We can refinish dated tile in both bathroom and kitchen and cover them with amazing stone look
And best of all we can refinish any kitchen cabinets and make them look like new !




The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new…SOCRATES

They always say change is good but to some people it can be going out of their comfort zones to explore the unknown.  I say do not be afraid of change.  You might lose something good but you’ll gain something better…like this change done on a shower which is strikingly magical.