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How to create your own Contemporary kitchen

Google defines contemporary as “belonging to or occurring in the present” with synonyms such as modern, up-to-date & fashionable. So how do we translate this into a kitchen?
Here are a few guidelines which can help you bring into existence a contemporary kitchen:
1) Clean, crisp & streamlined look is the embodiment of a contemporary kitchen. Design surfaces to be continuous & seamless.
2) The essence is having an open & uncluttered space.
3) Modern design adheres to bold, unconventional & sometimes even eccentric design statements including bright colors like having tangerine-colored appliances making the space more attractive & interesting.
4) Give your kitchen a fun & amusing personality by adding one-of-a-kind accents such as modern light fixtures or a colorful nook.
5) Finally, have a simplistic yet sophisticated approach in transforming your kitchen to a fun-filled hub for cooking & gathering.
See on this video our version of a simple transformation into a contemporary kitchen…

One thought on “How to create your own Contemporary kitchen”

  1. right away being an interior deigsner i’d say to hire one .but if you have faith in your skills and as you say have completed other rooms successfully then go for it! one thing i always insist my clients do is to keep a pictorial log print pictures from the internet or clip pictures from magazines highlighting kitchens that you love -which features you need to have and what you’d like to have.often times you’ll see a consistency in colors and materials.most home depot/Lowe’s stores offer free design service do a little research there too.take your time and don’t feel pressured or compromised into picking something that’s not right for you. follow your instincts and you’ll be fine

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