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Ceramic Tile Refinishing




When entering a kitchen or bathroom the first element that is noticed is the tile. At New Look Home Remodeling we understand the need to have beautiful and appealing tile in your kitchen and bathroom for you and your guests. All homeowners want to be proud of the tile on their countertops, walls, floors, and surrounding areas. Cracked, chipped, outdated tile is ugly and will ruin the look and functionality of your home. Traditionally, replacing tile is an expensive process of paying for material and labor. Our leading bathroom and kitchen process will bring you the beauty you want and the comfort you need at an affordable price. Our process is the most advanced in the industry and has been bringing beautiful results to homeowners in the Antelope, Conejo, San Fernando, and Simi Valleys for several years.

Refinish Don’t Replace

We can bring you the same beautiful results of the most high end replacements for a fraction of the cost when you use our expert bathroom and kitchen refinishing service. We can change color, fix all chips, fill all cracks, and smooth any rough surface with no demolition and no mess whatsoever. Our home remodeling team can improve the look of any countertop, bathtub, sink, vanity, floor, and surrounding tile area. Our advanced 12 step process is proven to save homeowners up to 75% of their total remodeling project cost. Our unique application techniques of our high quality material can give a variety of over hundreds of finishes including granite and stone looks. We are happy to bring homeowners the beauty and value they need while being 75% more affordable than traditional methods. Our products are durable and we guarantee all of our work. We dedicated to bringing our clients the most beautiful long lasting cost effective solutions.

12 Step One of a Kind Process

Our 12 step one of a kind process is here to add that extra shine to your home. Your shower, bath, or countertops in your kitchen can go through a total makeover in just a few days with no mess, no demolition, and no high costs. Many realtors in the Antelope, Conejo, San Fernando, and Simi Valleys have been using this service to add extra resale value in just a few days before selling a home. Call New Look Home Remodeling today and find out how our bathroom or kitchen ceramic tile refinishing can give your home the new look you’ve been waiting for.