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Countertop Installation




New Look has the most experienced and professional kitchen remodeling experts that bring you the best kitchen countertops options in the industry. We are proud to perform the most beautiful and cost conscious solid surface, formica, laminate, marble, glass, quartz, and granite countertop installation services in the Antelope, Conejo, San Fernando, and Simi Valleys. Our commitment to a job well done is what fuels our friendly customer service and one of a kind dedication to craftsmanship. With our free in home consultations we bring you all of our professional samples and show you just what a new look can do to your home without you ever having to leave. We can bring you the look you need in one simple, quick, hassle free, cost effective project. If you’re unsure about how you want your kitchen to look, we will gladly sit with you and personalize the look of your new kitchen with a variety of textures, colors, and materials to match the current design of your home.

Advantages of Laminate

There are any advantage of laminate tops that most homeowners forget to consider when doing a bathroom or kitchen makeover. Home remodeling on a budget can be hard, but certain products like our laminate tops make it easy. Cost effective yet beautiful, this option is a favorite for many of our clients. We include styles that have unique colors, patterns, and textures to choose from that won’t hurt your pocket.

Quartz and Granite

The one of a kind and top of the line quartz and granite countertop installation is what separates New Look from a typical kitchen makeover company. We bring you the highest quality quartz and granite for the most affordable prices. These two styles have been rated by our customers to be the best kitchen countertops options for two simple reasons. Quartz is an extremely strong yet beautiful natural mineral that is scratch resistant and essentially maintenance free forever, and each granite slab we cut and fabricate is uniquely different than any other.

Solid Surface

Our solid surface countertops are man made and durable for years to come with little to zero maintenance. Similar to the material used in our famous 12 step refinishing process, our solid surface tops are constructed from high quality acrylic that comes with an unmatched beauty and service for it’s price. These surfaces essentially mold to any shape and can beautify any kitchen sink you may already have.

Get Started Now

Get started now by calling us and scheduling your free in home consultation. We recommend our hassle free, obligation free consultation so we can show you the best kitchen countertops options we have to offer you. We will gladly bring you the most wonderful results whether you choose to go with a solid surface, formica, laminate, marble, glass, quartz, or granite countertop installation. Call New Look today at 855.639.5050.