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Google defines contemporary as “belonging to or occurring in the present” with synonyms such as modern, up-to-date & fashionable. So how do we translate this into a kitchen?
Here are a few guidelines which can help you bring into existence a contemporary kitchen:
1) Clean, crisp & streamlined look is the embodiment of a contemporary kitchen. Design surfaces to be continuous & seamless.
2) The essence is having an open & uncluttered space.
3) Modern design adheres to bold, unconventional & sometimes even eccentric design statements including bright colors like having tangerine-colored appliances making the space more attractive & interesting.
4) Give your kitchen a fun & amusing personality by adding one-of-a-kind accents such as modern light fixtures or a colorful nook.
5) Finally, have a simplistic yet sophisticated approach in transforming your kitchen to a fun-filled hub for cooking & gathering.
See on this video our version of a simple transformation into a contemporary kitchen…