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Tub Refinishing is the solution you need

Ok so you can purchase a brand new tub for $450.00, more or less.

But have you factored in the other costs alongside with it in the process of tub replacement?

Costs such as installation, demolition, hauling away of debris & sometimes even piping & flooring replacement may be needed. Plumbing & water proofing is an essential part of replacing your tub which you cannot do away with.  You may also have a great chance of needing to break the tile surround which you would need to also replace.  Then there’s the time element which is a given –  That refinishing as opposed to replacement is hours away from achieving a brand new look instead of days & weeks!  Of course you always have the option to remodel as you wish.  But refinishing / re-glazing is still the most cost-effective way to making your tubs, tile surround, shower, vanities & sink look sparkling & brand new !

Watch this video for ideas on end result of tub refinishing.

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