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Understanding the benefits of Kitchen Refinishing

Most of us do not want to spend too much money in Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing but this is easily attainable when we try to preserve what we can & know which ones we should replace. If your cabinet frames, doors & drawer fronts are in very good structural condition, you can add elegance & beauty to your kitchen by refinishing your kitchen cabinets. True, it’s very costly for any remodeling project to replace cabinets but most of the time, that same look you want to achieve is very possible through refinishing.

Refinishing is not the same as Refacing. Refacing a kitchen cabinet means replacing all of the doors, drawers, molding & fillers with new ones whereas Refinishing means sanding down your cabinets, stripping the finish & re-applying a new veneer or finish. This new finish will then either act to restore the cabinets to their original beauty or revamp the cabinets to match a new design scheme you want for your kitchen.

Typically the first step is for you to be presented with a sample of whatever finish you choose. You can either be shown a sample of stained or treated wood what will look quite similar to yours. Or a cabinet or drawer from your own kitchen may be removed, be taken to the workshop for some work on it & then be presented back to you as a finished product. You decide on the right color, stain or finish & coordinate certain changes or adjustments at this point. Once approved, a date to begin work will be scheduled. This is an integral part of the process as this allows you to prep your kitchen.

Generally speaking, the crew will remove everything they need from your kitchen & work on it from the workshop. Some crew members may be left to work at your home working on some other areas such as the frames for example, so that everything is ready onsite when the offsite work comes done.

The refinishing process itself involves stripping where the wood is soaked in a chemical stripping agent, applying a paint remover & scrapping the existing finish. Then broad sanding happens in order to get into the wood which is typically done by machine. Fine sanding by hand may also follow for a more even & smoother hard to reach area. Staining is then applied followed by a few coats of sealer which will then be let to dry. After which, several coats of primer may be applied & then several coats of lacquer finish. The typical time to complete the refinishing project can be anywhere from 5 days to a couple of weeks depending on how many cabinets you have, the wear, the finish you choose, and other deciding factors. After this process is done, the hardware and everything else will be mounted. It is mostly recommended to purchase new hardware versus using your old hardware.

Kitchen remodeling & cabinet refinishing Calabasas is a great way to restore your cabinets to their original beauty or to integrate your existing cabinets into your design scheme without purchasing new custom cabinets.

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